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My Prayer for the Church and Followers of Jesus Christ

Father, as a representative of Your Kingdom, and empowered by Your Spirit that dwells in me, [and in and by Your Name that is above every name and power], I pray that You will pull-down the evil stronghold that preventing so many people within Your church body from seeing the urgent need to be awakened in our spirits, and to focus on Jesus Christ, who is so willing to Author and Finish our Faith, so that we can in Truth and in deed worship You. Give to us this day an open door for a very large [internet community] of people who will desperately want to follow You and prepare for Your return. Jesus, I ask You to please be a strong advocate for opening the eyes of Your creation, and call them by Your Holy Spirit to turn from our wicked ways, and to call out to You so that You can cleanse us and provide for us. So that we can in fact restrain the power of darkness that is invading our land. I submit to You Father, and my Lord Jesus Christ. So Be It!

 Why is the call to Discipleship so Urgent? 

A Disciple! What does that mean to you? Please stop and think about that description for just a moment. What does the image in your mind remind you of? Is it a passive term like a husband, a brother or a neighbor? Or, does this word describe something more of an occupation like a truck driver, an office secretary or a computer geek? Most people will define the term 'Disciple' as a follower, someone who follows someone else. Do you realize the negative implication that exists in the American society of being a follower versus a leader? Let's look at the Urgency of becoming a Disciple of Christ...




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Inspirational Quotes

"Blessed and favored are those who Hunger & Thirst after God's righteousness. It is only those who will be satisfied."
Mat. 5:6