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Why is the call to Discipleship so Urgent?

A study of 1 Corinthians 3-

A Disciple! What does that mean to you? Please stop and think about that description for just a moment. What does the image in your mind remind you of? Is it a passive term like a husband, a brother or a neighbor? Or, does this word describe something more of an occupation like a truck driver, an office secretary or a computer geek? Most people will define the term 'Disciple' as a follower, someone who follows someone else. Do you realize the negative implication that exists in the American society of being a follower versus a leader?

That image of who, or what a Disciple is, might be part of the problem of why the title "Disciple" is used so little within the Christian circles today: Is it just better to be called a Christian? For the most part, that term does not implicate anyone beyond the type of religion they belong to, nor does it place any pressure on the individual to perform or live up to a qualified standard. Keep this in mind as we continue.


God Bless you the reader as you begin to “Experience the Journey of a Lifetime!

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